5 ROOMS 12.8.-3.9.2023

Simo's "80" years exhibition 5 ROOMS in Höyrygalleri, Korpilahti

A furniture without a function is useless - furniture is always in relation to its space. And vice versa a space without an object is incomplete. Even empty space gets the meaning when it is seen in relationship to an object. These thoughts by Heikkilä are behind this exhibition 5 ROOMS, divided by transparent curtains and covered rag rugs, are filled with furnitures designed by Heikkilä. There are some vintage items as well as some classics and a lot of new unique items: tables, lamps and various seatings.

As vintage there is for ex Visio chair from 1979 designed together with Y.Wiherheimo. As classics there are pieces from Arzan collection form 1984 and some canvas chairs including the metal version from 2003. Heikkilä is known by his interests on benches and divans. Together with a bench made of wasted splinters of wood from 1999 and the Cain divan produced by Lensvelt furniture there is a brand new metal divan. Heikkilä made his first lamp in 1988 for Yamagiwa but after moving to Korpilahti he has been interested on lightning.

A space becomes a room after it is filled with some personal beauty and for Heikkilä that kind of beauty is crystallized in visual arts. That is the reason why Heikkilä has invited 5 artist friends to participate to the exhibition. They are conceptual artistJussi Heikkilä, graphic designer and sculptor Aimo Katajamäki, artist Raimo Reinikainen, anti-modernist ceramicist Teemu Salonen and painter Ulla Virta.

All the items are for sale.