1. A book about Simo

    The book by Anna Wisnicka is her dissertation work from 2019. It covers Simo's furniture and spatial design.

  2. Kootut teokset 5.6.-4.7.2021

      Assembled Works, exhibition held in Höyry gallery

    Höyry gallery was opened 10 years ago with Simo's exhibition. Gallery owners invited him to celebrate the anniversary with a new exhibition.

    The new Viola lamps were installed the day after opening!

  3. AJATUKSIA TAITEESTA, Thinking of Art

           6.6.-5.9.2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Exhibition curated by Teija and Simo with designer Jouko Järvisalo


    works by Aino Favén made of waste and paintings by Samuli Heimonen with a sculpture by Jasmin Anoschkin


    corner by Jaakko Rönkkö and portrait with big boots by Nora Tapper


    sitting wolf by Veikko Hirvimäki and paintings by Elina Ruohonen with a lightning by Teemu Salonen and sculptures by Aimo Katajamäki

  4. Haasia

       Haasia wall on the way  photos by Pro-puu

    Haasia is a space divider with double side Led lightning, width 214 cm height 187 cm. The name is from old horizontal hay track used in North.  Haasia was designed for Pro-puu gallery exhibition: Wood in the Interior, 4.2.-30.3.2021 and there after it will be shown in Finnish Craft museum, 22.5.-29.8.2010.

  5. Art in hospital Nova

    The unique lightning of Petri Vainio

    Hospital Nova will be opened January 19th 2021. My work as art coordinator is finally over and all the art pieces are on site: 15 new artists and designers were given a place and about 500 works from the hospital old collection were hang up. The architecture by JKMM with its strong handwriting, materials and colour setting gives a feeling of intimacy and will hopefully, with the arts, be a heeling experience for the patients and a joy to staff members.

    The Spring, Pasi Karjula The wing of a Seagull, Jussi Heikkilä

         From the collection some corridoors by               Vadim Brodsky and Riitta Uusitalo and Eila Kinnunen


  6. The Second Life of A Larch


    The first Finnish female architect Wivi Lönn (1872-1966) planted some siberian larches on her own court yard. One of those over 100 year old larch was given to Simo Heikkilä with the task to organize an exhibition to Järvilinna mansion in Central Finland. Simo invited several artists and designers to participate: Pentti Hakala, Marjo Hallila, Sanelma Hihnala, Sade Hiidenkari, Jouko Järvisalo, Iker Laskibar, Jenni Pehkonen, Salla Peurasuo, Karola Sahi, Arto Salminen, Kirsi Tapper, Veli-Matti Virtanen, Sonja Vectomov ja Kristian Venäläinen. More information


    Simo took part with One hole bench and with A rack of Hevonlahti woods