1. Kootut teokset 5.6.-4.7.2021

        Assembled Works, exhibition held in Höyry gallery

      Höyry gallery was opened 10 years ago with Simo's exhibition. Gallery owners invited him to celebrate the anniversary with a new exhibition.

      The new Viola lamps were installed the day after opening!

    2. AJATUKSIA TAITEESTA, Thinking of Art

             6.6.-5.9.2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Exhibition curated by Teija and Simo with designer Jouko Järvisalo


      works by Aino Favén made of waste and paintings by Samuli Heimonen with a sculpture by Jasmin Anoschkin


      corner by Jaakko Rönkkö and portrait with big boots by Nora Tapper


      sitting wolf by Veikko Hirvimäki and paintings by Elina Ruohonen with a lightning by Teemu Salonen and sculptures by Aimo Katajamäki

    3. Haasia

         Haasia wall on the way  photos by Pro-puu

      Haasia is a space divider with double side Led lightning, width 214 cm height 187 cm. The name is from old horizontal hay track used in North.  Haasia was designed for Pro-puu gallery exhibition: Wood in the Interior, 4.2.-30.3.2021 and there after it will be shown in Finnish Craft museum, 22.5.-29.8.2010.