Ulla Virta - Full on


Left: Children in evil, 1988;  Right:  Jewellery box, 1992

U L L A   V I R T A - F U L L   O N

Curated by Teija Isohauta

Two years project in working with artist Ulla Virta has been a kind of refresments after working on in researching Alvar Aalto. The retrospective exhibition is held in A2, in art hall designed by Aalto in 1959. Internationally known wood prints by the artist are now shown only as a context. 

The exhibition highlights Virta’s expressionistic paintings. Regardless of her chosen technique, the same subjects keep recurring in her oeuvre: Animals, personal relationships and life as a woman. She paints animals with great tenderness, and she is candid about the uglier side of intimate relationships. Her sensual women are portrayed with warm humour, even in contexts of grief or tragedy. Her paintings are feminist without an emphasis on the ‘ism’.