• The List of Aalto Travels

    At 2018 the book Aalto beyond Finland 2 was published by Rakennustieto Oy. Related to my article "International travels and contacts" you will find here the list of Aalto travels for researchers to use. The list is based on the documents and letters found from Alvar Aalto Museum archieve and it has been published in Finnish with net exhibition "Malmilta maailmalle".

  • Landscape Research Project

    The process of Teija's research started from an exhibition Shifting Contours 2009 at Alvar Aalto Museum. The topics of the research are: to combine Aalto in a context of architectural landscape and it's cultural origin, to understand how experiencing landscape fits to his urban planning, to point out how his latest projects are underlining the connection from his thought of landscape and art of architecture.

  • Räppänä - Vent

    3.6.-18.9 2016

    Two brothers, two artists: Both Simo (1943) and Jussi (1952) Heikkilä are origin from Jyväskylä, Finland, and represent Finnish excellence in their own field: one as a designer and the other as a visual artist. Exhibition was one of the events celebrating the 50-years anniversary of Alvar Aalto Museum and Jyväskylä Art Museum.

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    exhibition photos: Jaana Kautto/ Ksml archive






    More infromation on exhibition themes

    'Small bird library', 1999 by Jussi and Remix self unit by Simo, 2006








    Oak bench, 1991 by Simo and 'the Lake view from Korpilahti', 2008 by Jussi








    Chair 'Woodpecker', 1992 by Simo and 'The small black woodpecker', 2011 by Jussi

  • Sami knife

    The first sami knife workshop was done in 2005 at Outakoski in an atelier of a master Josef Laiti. The participants were students in a field of black smith and design.

    The second sami knife project was arranged in 2009 by inviting international designers to make their interpretation of the knife.

    The book Sami knife was published in 2010 published by periferiadesign.

  • Atelier House

    Designed by Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen, 2012-13

    After several rented studios in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Fiskars we decided to build our own atelier house near by Lake Päijänne in Middle Finland. The house is mainly a storage with the facilities of living but mainly designed for working purposes.