1. SitSit

    SitSit  bench, outdoor bench in oak and galvanized steel.

    Fiskars Village Art&Design Biennale 19.5.-15.9. 2019 Fiskars Finland

    Bench exhibition curated by Jasper Morrisson.

  2. Conceptions of water lilies

      photos Teija Isohauta

    Jyväskylä City of Light is annually organized venue celebrating the outdoor light actions. This year it is held September 29-30th.

    Simo together with his brother conceptual artist Jussi Heikkilä made their Conseptions of water lilies on the river in Korpilahti village center.




    Tallinn Design Festival is held 25.9.-1.10.2017.

    Simo (FIN) had exhibition together with his Estonia collaegue Toivo Raidmets (EST) in Disaini- ja Arhitektuurigalerii, Pärnu mnt 6. The exhibition stays untill October 14th, 2017

    At the exhibition tree new chairs were launched. Small serie of Canvas M from Local Collection 2003 is now availble. More info to come!

  4. Collapsible 2017

    photo Simo Heikkilä

    The EcoDesign exhibition is organized in conjunction with the Habitare furniture and Design fair at Helsingin Messukeskus 13.-17.9.2017.

    Simo particates with his Collapsible chair: no screws - no glues,  ready to be manufactured.

  5. Falco tinunculus

    photo Teija Isohauta photo Teija Isohauta

    The wing of Windhover 'Falco tinunculus' is source of inspiration for a temporary windsculpture opened in a harbour in Korpilahti at December 6th - Finnish Day of Independence. The sculputure is a result of collaboration of Simo and his brother, conceptual artist Jussi Heikkilä.

  6. Unique Furnitures for Sale

    Some unique pieces for Sale in Höyry Gallery during December 2016.

    There is for ex. a metal divan, bench made of black alder, remix shelf and a recycled low chair, some stools and small items.

    Ask more info;

  7. By accidence

    photo Teija Isohauta

    'By accidence' is an art action born by accident during last spring by designer Simo Heikkilä together with sculpturer Seppo Uuranmäki.

    'By accidence' is designed to be shown during Jyväskylä City of Light happening 22.9.-1.10.2016 at Korpilahti bay area.