1. SHW


    'Simo Heikkilä Works' is a book that covers the products of Simo Heikkilä's professional career as a designer. The book also content articles from his track as an  exhibition architect and as a  teacher. 240 pages/ Finnish and English/ isbn 978-952-93-7194-5

  2. Räppänä – Vent

    photo Jaana Kautto/ Ksml archive photo Jaana Kautto/ Ksml archive

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    Two brothers, two artists: Both Simo (1943) and Jussi (1952) Heikkilä are origin from Jyväskylä, Finland, and represent Finnish excellence in their own field: one as a designer and the other as a visual artist. Exhibition (3.6.-18.9. 2016 ) was one of the events celebrating the 50-years anniversary of Alvar Aalto Museum and Jyväskylä Art Museum.

  3. Maximal - Minimal

    Simo was one of the founder of Jyväskylä based Alvar Aalto Design seminar at 1995. For the future coming August he is the Chair of it again. Find more